Paige; twenty-four; sunshine; flowers; rainbows; kitties; coffee; laughing; windy days; Lana Del Rey; anime; meditation; Regina Spektor; titanic; rilakkuma; nail polish; Damien Rice; ballerina flats; tigers; EDM; Kenichi Matsuyama; beauty & the beast; MGMT; kpop;

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros; miu miu; yoga; System of a Down; Leonardo DiCaprio; Florence + the Machine; dramas; Arctic Monkeys; architecture; poi; fruit; Kate Winslet.

virgo, actively seek balance.

libra, trust these are the right decisions.

scorpio, separate fact from feeling.

sagittarius, remind yourself how you got this far.

capricorn, it is a time of luck.

aquarius, unpack your current fear.

pisces, take on this challenge.

aries, you will find a place to belong.

taurus, let it happen.

gemini, toast to self-acceptance.

cancer, embrace the love around you.

leo, you are safe here.”
SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (via nthngbttr)


*has the option to say some negative shit about someone*

*doesn’t take the option and continues to live life peacefully*

Under Conxtruction.